Application Deadline and Contact Information

Queen’s admits up to a maximum of five international students (non-Canadian citizens, non-permanent residents) per year. 

Application Process


 * Please download both the application form and confidential assessment (fillable PDF document) and the biographical sketch form (fillable Word document).

For detailed information about the application process, please download our medical school application guide


Application Fee

An application fee of $500 CAD (or $380 USD*) is to be paid by international money order in Canadian funds made payable to Queen's University at time of application submission. Please note: Queen’s University will not accept personal cheques.


Tuition Fees, Study Visas, and Post-Residency Information

You can learn more about tuition fee and cost information, study visas and visas,  and post-residency medical training. Interested students can also contact us for specific information on application deadlines, admission requirements, and tuition fees. If accepted into the program, international students are responsible for ensuring that all licensing requirements of the country in which they intend to practice are fulfilled. 


This amount is based on current exchange rates. However, since exchange rates fluctuate, the stated exchange amount may increase or decrease. When applying, please confirm the exchange rate or contact our UGME office for more information.