QMed Students Enrich their Queen's Experience by Balancing Medical Studies with Varsity Sports

Juggling Sports with Studies, Challenging But Rewarding


Juggling the demands of varsity athletics and studying medicine can be a challenge, but it can also be incredibly rewarding for QMed (Queen's Medicine) students. We caught up with three QMed varsity athletes to find out why they love their sport and how they find a balance between their sports and their med school studies.  


Name: Drew Zhang
Sport: Ultimate Frisbee
Years playing sport: 6 years on-and-off since high school, but I didn't really get into it until last summer.
Years on Queen's team: First season on the team
Years on previous varsity team: None

What do you like the most about your Queen's varsity team? 

We have an excellent and dedicated coach who knows the ins and outs of the game, and from who I have learned so much. My teammates are also enthusiastic on the field, and it makes for a great playing environment.




Name: Tiffany Lung
Sport: Figure Skating
Years playing sport: 14 years
Years on Queen's team: 2 years
Years on previous varsity team: 4 years at the University of Toronto

How has the QMed community supported you in your athletic endeavours?

QMed has been great in supporting my varsity career. The professors and administrators have been very accommodating for my competition schedule, and my peers always share notes from classes I miss. 




Name: Sabrina Slade
Sport: Track and Field
Years playing sport: 7 years
Years on Queen's team: 2 years
Years on previous varsity team: 3 years with the University of Ottawa

What has been the hardest part about balancing athletics and QMed?

Honestly, Medicine has a quite a large course load (both didactic and clinical) and sometimes it can be tricky to balance training and school. I don't think I would be able to do both if it weren't for all the support from my team, my classmates, and the faculty; all of this combined to make the difference.



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